New Zealand Banks Information

Largest Banks in New Zealand

Biggest Banks in New ZealandWe know – you’ve been often asking yourself the question: exactly which bank is the largest bank in New Zealand? Ask no more, we have the answer.

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Credit Card Facts – 23 Bizarre Facts in 2016

Facts about Credit Cards 2016So, you’ve been searching for some weird and wonderful facts about credit cards? You’ve come to the right place, continue reading for your mind to be potentially blown! Read more »

Best Bank in New Zealand? Vote inside!

Best Bank in New ZealandWe like to ask the big questions here. And the one we’re asking today is, what is the best bank in New Zealand? View the poll and cast your vote! Read more »

All you need to know about banks in New Zealand

You made the decision to go to New Zealand? It does not matter if it is for a professional or personal reason, know that you will simply need to open a bank account in this country. This way, you will avoid paying too much. It is in any case very easy to open a bank account in New Zealand if you have all the necessary elements for it. Let’s now find out everything there is to know about banks in New Zealand.

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Bank News – July 2017

This month in New Zealand bank news – ANZ supports the community through sponsoring local netball teams and the former CEO of ASB passes away.

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Bank News – June 2017

June 2017 updates coming your way. Quite an interesting month – robbery at a major bank in Auckland, the legendary Pumpkin Patch brand closes its doors, and BNZ’s Closed for Good Promotion enters its final stage.

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Curious? Let’s See Just How Much Tax New Zealand Banks Paid

Have you ever wondered how much tax the New Zealand banks pay? Wonder no more. All your questions are answered below. Read more »

Banks Close On These Days in 2018 – Bank Holidays in New Zealand

New Zealand Public HolidaysWelcome to the wonderful year of 2018 – boy are we glad it’s filled with public holidays as well! Whether you’re wondering which days you’ll be taking off work, or double checking to make sure the banks aren’t closed – we’re sure you’ll find all of New Zealand’s public holidays for 2018 listed in the table below quite useful. Enjoy!

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ANZ Releases New ATMs | Bank Profits Drop | Kiwibank Downgraded

ANZ have unveiled their world famous GAYTMs in two separate locations in Auckland. Bank profits decline for the first time in 7 years. S&P downgrades Kiwibank’s credit rating.

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Largest Banks in the WORLD

Largest Banks in the WORLDWe had a bloody good time creating the previous post – Largest Banks in New Zealand – so we thought hey, why not expand it to THE WHOLE WORLD?!

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How-To: Opening a Bank Account in New Zealand

How to - Opening a Bank Account in New ZealandIt can be quite confusing, so we’ve written this awesome guide on opening a bank account in New Zealand! Scroll down below to get started.

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Cooperative Bank’s 6 Month Financial Results – Sep 2016

Cooperative Bank New ZealandCooperative bank have released their financial statements relating to the period for the six months to 30 September 2016. Read more »

4 WEIRD Facts about New Zealand Banks

4 Weird Facts New Zealand BanksASB has started a new initiative to inspire children to start saving, and eventually learn about the financial aspects of life. Read more »

Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions

Credit Unions New ZealandWe find out exactly what the differences are between credit unions and banks. Pretty interesting read! Read more »

Top 4 Savings Accounts – Nov 2016

Top 5 Savings Accounts - Nov 16It’s November! Summer is nearly here and we’re taking a look at 5 of the BEST Savings Accounts in New Zealand. Read more »

BNZ Profit Drops $125 million

BNZ Profit DropsBNZ has posted is full year financial statements which show a profit drop of $125 million across the bottom line. Read more »

CEOs of Banks in New Zealand – 2016

new-zealand-bank-ceosWe take a look at all the CEOs of the banks currently listed here. Find out how long they’ve been at the bank, and how much they’re getting paid. Read more »

ANZ & Westpac STOP Loans to Foreign Buyers

ANZ Westpac Stop Loans Foreign BuyersANZ and Westpace announced new policies to close off and shut down lending for foreign property investors. Read more »

BNZ Restructure – Jobs Lost

BNZ RestructureBNZ have announced proposed plans to restructure their business in New Zealand. We understand many jobs could be at risk. Read more »

Most POPULAR New Zealand Banks!

Popular Bank AwardsWe take a look at the most popular banks in New Zealand for 2016 according to the CANSTAR results. Read more »

ANZ Closings its Hokitika Branch

ANZ Closing BranchesANZ have announced that they will be closing a number of branches across New Zealand, one being in Hokitika.
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Under $100k in Savings with HSBC?

HSBC NZHSBC New Zealand are turning away certain customers and closing bank accounts with balances of less than $100,000. Read more »

What are SWIFT Codes?

BIC CodesSWIFT codes, also known as SWIFT-BIC, BIC code or SWIFT ID, are Business Identifier Codes as defined by the ISO 9362. Read more »

Banks in New Zealand’s Major Airports

Banking Facilities in New Zealand's Major AirportsAll New Zealand’s major airports, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin can offer travellers bank branches, ATMs and currency exchange counters. Read more »

Bank Holidays 2017

Banking Holidays New Zealand 2017With 2017 just around the corner, we though we’d put together an official list of the New Zealand Banking Holidays for 2017 calendar year for our readers to enjoy.
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Opening an Account at Kiwibank

Opening an Account and Choosing a Banking Card at KiwibankThere are four types of everyday accounts available at Kiwibank: Free Up, NOW account, Front Runner and Bill Blaster. Read more »

How to Open an Account at HSBC New Zealand

Open Account HSBC New ZealandHSBC in New Zealand has a pretty broad and diverse product and service portfolios, which include internet banking, credit cards, borrowings, savings, everyday banking, ATM withdrawals and more. Read more »