Largest Banks in New Zealand

Biggest Banks in New ZealandWe know – you’ve been often asking yourself the question: exactly which bank is the largest bank in New Zealand? Ask no more, we have the answer.


Banks are an extremely important component in a country’s economy, stimulating growth through the distribution of funds, providing a secure storage location for both business and individual money, and of course, employing thousands upon thousands of citizens to work in the bank (as you’ll see below).

Being a resource dedicated to providing anyone and everyone with information on the banks in New Zealand, we figured determining which ones are the largest was right up our ally. So we got to work.

Using a range of resources, including those found in other areas of our sites (total branches and ATMs for example), along with financial statements so generously (and legally) provided by each of the registered banks in New Zealand, we were able to put together the ultimate guide comparing all the banks and their size across a variety of metrics.

A few notes before we get started:

Financial statements – Any figures relating to financial results have been taken the bank’s most recent year-end disclosure statement. A large majority of banks report on year-end results in the second half of the year, meaning the figures you see below most relate to 2016. As such, there is a column which clearly states which period their figures relate to.

Total branches + ATMs – Totals were calculated using resources found on this site, as well as any ‘locater‘ tools available on the bank’s website. Speaking of branches – head here if you looking for one in particular.

Employees – Likely the most ambiguous number in the table. Unfortunately, there is simply no up-to-date information for this stat. Where figures have no been available either from LinkedIn, Wikipedia, or the bank itself, they have been estimated based on the number of branches.

NZD – To save space, all figures which show financial figures are in NZD $MILLIONS. For example, BNZ’s $85,536 total liabilities is $85.5 billion. whereas Citibank’s net profit of ($0.423) is a loss of $423,000.

Alright, now the formalities are out of the way – let’s get into it! Here are the largest banks in New Zealand, sorted alphabetically. Each column is sortable so feel free to play around a bit.

Just letting you know – you can share this table pretty easy by hitting the buttons below. Thanks for reading!