Largest Banks in the WORLD

Largest Banks in the WORLDWe had a bloody good time creating the previous post – Largest Banks in New Zealand – so we thought hey, why not expand it to THE WHOLE WORLD?!

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Wow! Some of the numbers down below are just insane. Keep in mind, banks and their assets are some of the largest types of organisations in the world. So it’s no wonder every single bank on the list has assets entering into the trillions.

Largest Banks in the WHOLE WORLD - Featured

On the table below, you’ll find you’re able to sort which bank is the largest based on five different areas – Number of branches, total ATMs, employees, total assets, and net operating income. Simply click on which column you’d like to sort by, and find out which is the biggest.

Branches – Numbers have been taken from the bank’s websites and Wikipedia where possible.

ATMs – You’ll find many banks have “N/A” in this column – because we were simply unable to find an accurate representation of the total number. Many banks included their “network of ATMs”, which don’t officially belong to them and range in the hundreds of thousands.

Staff – Figures have been curated from the bank’s website or Wikipedia.

Assets & net operating income– As all of the banks on the list are public companies, these figures are readily available across a number of market websites and straight from their financial disclosure statements.

Great! Now you know what each figure represents, get sorting!

Clicking on the bank’s name will take you to their full description (if they operate in New Zealand as well), or direct to the bank’s website.

Bank Branches   ATMs   Staff Assets (billion)  Net Operating Income (billion) 
ICBC  16,732  99,789  375,354 $3,616  $89.33
China Construction Bank  15,564  23,000  329,338  $2,939  $72.7
Agricultural Bank of China  24,000 N/A 503,082  $2,816  $66.5
HSBC  4,400 N/A  266,273  $2,670  $22.36
Bank of China  11,510 N/A  310,042  $2,629  $58.52
JPMorgan Chase  5,614  18,132  235,678  $2,449  $30.70
BNP Paribas  4,100  3,200  189,000  $2,400  $10.16
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group  848 N/A  106,800  $2,323  $13.75
Bank of America  4,861  16,220  210,516  $2,149  $22.89
Credit Agricole Group  324 N/A  150,000  $1,911  $12.03
Deutsche Bank  2,790 N/A  101,104  $1,901  $5.68
Barclays  7,000  N/A  129,400  $1,882  $3.66
Citigroup (Citibank)  3,000  20,000  239,000  $1,829  $25.09
Wells Fargo  8,600  12,200  269,000  $1,790  $36.62
Japan Post Bank  234  27,215  12,905  $1,701  $4.10



Some pretty big numbers there! What do you think? Have you heard of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) before today? Were you expecting them to have $3.6 trillion in assets? We know we certainly weren’t!

So know you know how to find the biggest bank in the whole world. What now? Tell your friends about it of course! Ask them beforehand and see if they get the right answer. Then blow their minds when you show them this table!

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