TSB Bank SWIFT Codes in New Zealand

This page provides a range of information regarding Taranaki Savings Bank (TSB) in New Zealand including it’s SWIFT/BIC codes and commonly asked question regarding them.

You can use these codes for a number of different purposes – with the most common use being transferring money between international banks.

Here are TSB’s SWIFT codes:

Branch Name

Swift Code

TSB BANK, New Zealand TSBANZ22


TSB Bank BIC Codes

What can you use TSB’s SWIFT codes for?

A SWIFT code has a number of purposes for which you can use it. Most commonly, however, unless you work directly in a bank and communicate with other banks around the world – you’ll be using these codes to send money internationally.

In this case, you’ll be using the code to either:

  • Give to a person on the other end who will be sending money to your account, or
  • Enter the code into the transaction details for you to send money to New Zealand

Whichever the case, you’ll need the code for the transaction.

For informational purposes – the other way in which these codes are used is to securely send financial messages between banks.

SWIFT codes are used for message purposes tens of millions of times each day – which make the system and an extremely critical component of worldwide financial institutions.

Are TSB’s codes safe to use?

100% safe. Unless you accidentally enter the wrong code – which then the transaction will likely fail to process and nothing will come of it except for a few hassles.

SWIFT codes are extremely safe to use. The SWIFT organisation (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) places an extremely high priority on maintaining the virtual and physical security of their organisation and its system.

They have many protocols in place which have been put there by highly trained experts in their respective fields.

Overall, SWIFT codes are extremely safe to use, and TSB’s codes, in particular, are no different.

Does it cost money to use SWIFT codes?

One word – no. For private citizens utilising the codes which their bank has already obtained, there is no cost to use them in order to send or receive money.

However, that doesn’t mean sending money internationally between banks is completely free. Unless you pay yearly account fees or on another sort of plan – nearly all international transfers between banks will incur a one-off fee for each individual transaction.

These may range between $10 – $50 depending on your bank. We recommend you confirm with your bank how much the fees are before you commit to the transfer.

As well, depending on the start location and the finish location of the transaction, there may be banks in between which are needed to further forward the money to the right account. Each of these banks may charge a fee for this service  – which will be deducted from the available funds.

Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to confirm just how much each of these banks will charge, or even if there are any. Again, we recommend calling your bank to gain access to information specific to your situation.

TSB codes above have been acquired directly from SWIFT.com’s search engine and TSB’s website.

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