ASB SWIFT Codes in New Zealand

Scrolling down will lead you to a table full of SWIFT codes for ASB in New Zealand as well as some commonly asked questions regarding these codes further below.

Here are the ASB Bank SWIFT Codes:

Branch Name

Swift Code

ASB BANK LIMITED, Auckland branch (ASB Group Investments) ASBBNZ2AGRI
ASB BANK LIMITED, Auckland branch (CLS Payments Only) ASBBNZ2ACLS
ASB BANK LIMITED, Auckland branch (Foreign Exchange) ASBBNZ2AFXD
ASB BANK LIMITED, Auckland branch (International Trade Services) ASBBNZ2AITS
ASB BANK LIMITED, Auckland branch (Money Market) ASBBNZ2AMMD
ASB BANK LIMITED, Auckland branch (Securities) ASBBNZ2ASEC

What can you use ASB codes for?

The codes available in the above table can be used for a variety of purposes, we more often than not, those who don’t work directly in ASB will use¬†these codes to conduct international transfers to and from New Zealand.

Specifically, in order to transfer money from another country (e.g. India or Japan) into an ASB bank account, you will need to use one of their SWIFT codes.

Thankfully, there are many places where you can find their codes, and you’re on one of them right now!

We have sourced these codes directly from¬†(Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and were lasted updated in March 2017. However, we always recommend double-checking the codes before using them in a transfer – so you can conduct your own search on SWIFT’s website, or call ASB directly.

You can find their contact information here.

Which code do I use?

If you are confused about which of the seven (7) codes to use above, don’t worry. We were also confused, to begin with, then we did a bit of research, and it turns out it’s all pretty straightforward!

For the most common type of international transfer, you’ll want to use the last code on the list – ASBBNZ2A for their Auckland branch.

All the rest of the codes relate to their Auckland branch as well, but for specific departments within it.

For example, if you have a specific area of ASB you want to send a financial message or money transfer to, you can choose from the following options:

  • ASB Group Investments
  • International Trade Services
  • Money Market
  • Securities
  • Foreign Exchange
  • CLS Payments Only

For standard transfers from outside New Zealand into New Zealand, again, you’ll want to use the last code on the list.

How safe are they?

SWIFT codes are extremely safe to use. So long as you use the right one! Joking aside, the SWIFT organisation is an impeccable body of people which takes the security of their operations extremely seriously.

On their website, you can read about a range of information relating to the privacy and protection of the data using their codes. Specifically – SWIFT states privacy is one of the fundamental aspects which they are committed to and an essential part of the overall service they provide.

All of their operations are conducted with strict privacy and data protection standards in compliance with the EU data protection regulation – which is often considered as the most robust privacy laws in the world.

Their processes ensure all data is securely transferred from start to finish, and then securely destroyed following the transmission.

You can read more about their security protocols here.

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